I’ve always loved the ritual of creating coffee. I adore the act of choosing the type of beans to start my day with, grinding them down to dust, measuring scoops of the grounds and turning on the tap to fill the container with water. The same feeling applies to the ritual of creating tea. It’s all very ritualistic and although it’s easy for the familiar to become automatic, if I can stay mindful about the process it’s a very soothing performance.

The act of pouring water is so very satisfying. Whether it’s filling the coffeepot, pouring a jug of water to clean my toddler’s hair, filling a friend’s cup at a luncheon or sprinkling our garden in the summer, the fluid motion of pouring water is entrancing and therapeutic. To make and sip coffee or espresso is  my small way of creating those fluid moments of bliss that feels much like pouring water and it allows me to stop and recharge during these hectic days.

Happy moments are like blissful sips of your favourite warm drink and this is my corner of the blogosphere to showcase my blissful sips of life. All photos, unless otherwise stated, are my own.



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